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hytork-actuatorHYTORK ACTUATORS – Hytork® develops and manufacturers actuators for the automation of industrial valves. Our product range includes pneumatic actuators and a wide range of control accessories. Product development is based on modular construction that allows for fast delivery from stock components and easy upgrade to control units as well as quick and efficient modification and repair. The Excel (XL) Series of Valve Actuator from Hytork® has so many performance features it is Guaranteed!

Designed for the economical actuation of ball, plug and butterfly valves as well as commercial and industrial dampers. Aluminum rack and pinion actuators to ISO, NAMUR, VDI/VDE standards. Travel stop adjustment in both open and closed directions. The Excel Series of Actuators are available in both double acting and spring return and feature corrosion protection both internally and externally. Torque requirement valves up to 3950 Nm.

Hytork® XLW Actuators are specifically prepared for operating by water. This preparation is concerned with corrosion protection, bearings and the preventing the ingress of particles with the water. Contaminated water can cause damage to the Actuator Seals and bearing areas and reduce the operating efficiency and Actuator life.

The XL COMMANDO starts with Hytork®’s proven industry leader, the XL aluminum actuator. The aluminum body parts are then treated with Fluoropolymers from the CORROGARD range (CORROGARD-CG941) in a method that no extruded actuator body can receive, providing a complete, durable impregnation of all body parts, inside and out. The steel pinion is treated with CORROGARD-CG942. The result is the “XL COMMANDO”. Years of field trials have proven this to be the answer to many corrosive environments. Light in weight, heavy in performance, state of the art design and a durable impregnation which guards against corrosion.

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rci-actuatorsREMOTE CONTROL ACTUATORS – RCI 200 Series The Remote Control RCI 200 Series Pneumatic Actuator features a modern scotch yoke mechanism for high starting and ending torques in a very compact package. Available in both double acting and spring return in 8 sizes with torques to 38,720 in. lbs., it offers great flexibility. The spring return actuator features a spring module with the spring(s) safely contained and epoxy powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance.

Our pistons are guided in two places with reinforced TeflonTM bearings which insure positive alignment and long seal life. All RCI 200 Series Actuators carry a 3-year warranty. The RCIO size has adjustable travel stops in both directions. RCI 400 Series The Remote Control RCI 400 Series offers a lower cost alternative to our highly successful scotch yoke design. The addition of this product broadens Remote Control’s ability to satisfy all rotary, pneumatic actuation and fills a positive position within our family of actuators. The rack and pinion design provides constant torque in the double acting version, as required in some valve types, and a linear characteristic in the spring return version. The 400 Series actuators have adjustable travel stops in both direction + or – 5 degrees. The use of high quality materials, high standards of manufacturing and attention to detail, make this actuator an excellent choice for most actuation applications.

RCEL Series Remote Control RCEL Series Electric Actuators are engineered to provide efficient, high performance automation of quarter turn valves. The RCEL Series has improved reliability incorporating all the best features. The maximum torque output range is 521 inch lbs. to 21,700 inch lbs. The RCEL actuators are CSA C/US approved in 120VAC models. The RCEL actuators have a number of options. For more information on the RCEL electric actuator refer to the RCEL datasheet in the product section of our website.

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PMV develops, manufactures and markets industrial valve positioners and switchboxes world-wide. The approached market is the process industry including pulp and paper, oil and gas, power, refining and chemical process. PMV holds an ISO 9001-2000 certificate of conformity which guarantees a high product standard and dependable delivery.

The PMV products are known for their reliability in a wide variety of often harsh environments.

  • Digital
  • Electro Pneumatic
  • Pneumatic
  • Switchbox
  • Feedback
  • Mounting kits

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leslie-actuatorsLESLIE ACTUATORS – Diaphragm Actuators Leslie spring and diaphragm actuators are rugged high thrust units with flanged yoke to bonnet connections for simple maintenance and better access to stem packing.

These workhorses of our control valve lines have been proven and perfected for nearly forty years of in-service usage. They are available in four sizes: 35, 55, 85, and 135 in.2  Electric Actuators The Rexa X-PAC and T-PAC electraulic linear actuators are designed for modulating and two position service. These actuators feature a self-contained electraulic power module utilizing the patented Rexa Flow Match System. This technology allows precise cylinder positioning, independent of load variations, and locks the cylinder in place when no movement is required. Because the system is hydraulically stiff, instabilities and positioning errors are eliminated. Standard output thrust ranges from 2,000-10,000 lbs. Strokes are available up to 6 inches. Optional features include spring failure, position transmitter and handwheel. Digital, pulse, dry contact and 4-20 mA input options are available. Direct coupled rotary models are available as the R series actuator.

For thrust requirements up to 2000 lbs., Leslie offers Jordan Controls electric actuators which include a wide variety of options. Standard features include 120 or 240 VAC operation, permanently lubricated motors, anti-condensation heater and feedback transmitters. Position switches are standard on most units. Positioners The Moore 760 Series pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners provide cam characterization, split ranging, direct or reverse action and single or double output. Key features include non-interaction of zero and span adjustments and the positive cam locking mechanism for easy calibration. The PMV models P5 (pneumatic) and EP5 (electro-pneumatic) positioners offer a wide variety of options due to their modular construction. These high capacity, vibration resistant units are easily mounted on both rotary or rectilinear actuators, with a variety of cams to choose from. Available options included limit switches, potentiometer or 4-20 mA transmitter, provided in a completely sealed F5 module.

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remote control

Rotork has a solution for every Problem.

Rotork’s electric valve actuator division, offering an electrical solution to industrial valve control and actuation applications of virtually any size, description and complexity. Rotork Controls’ capabilities encompass actuators and control systems for new plants, plant extensions and upgrades, together with life of plant support.

Rotork Fluid Systems is dedicated to the design, manufacture, sale and support of powerful and dependable fluid power valve actuators on a global scale.

Rotork Process Controls designs and manufactures electric valve actuators for specialised processing and environmental applications demanding swift and precise valve movement and positional control.

Rotork Gears offers an unrivalled service for valve gearboxes and accessories, completing Rotork’s status as the ‘one-stop-shop’ for valve actuation and control equipment for applications of all sizes and complexity.

With more than forty years specialist experience of designing rotary and linear electric actuation solutions to the most demanding applications, including extremes of temperatures within industries such as cement, glass, steel, pulp & paper, power, oil, gas and ethanol, Rotork can supply and support customers’ requirements for control valve applications in virtually any operating environment.

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