Control Valves



LESLIE AEROFLOW CONTROL VALVES – Aeroflow High Performance Control Valves

  • 1 – 16 Valve Sizes
  • Cv Range: 0.01 – 3100
  • ANSI CL 150 – 4500, DIN PN10 – 400
  • End Conn.: BWE, SWE, RF, RTJ, THD
  • Body Mati’l: WCB, C5, WC9, CF8M

The unique technology of the Aeroflow begins with aerodynamic vanes cast into the valve body inlet and outlet. Inlet vanes help divert incoming flow evenly around the cage, minimizing turbulence and flow instability as well as improving flow capacity. Outlet vanes minimize turbulence to reduce noise and body erosion. A wide range of interchangeable trim options and custom characterized cages provide the flexibility of many sought after benefits.

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