SAAB ROSEMOUNT – The Rosemount Tank Gauging System is world leading in tank management, based on the non-contact, reliable and maintenance-free radar level gauges.  The Rosemount solution integrates easily with your existing network, DCS or host computer system. With a TankRadar® Rex gauge it is possible to emulate other vendors´ level devices, independent of measurement technology, thereby enabling easy system upgrade.  Improves Vital Functions in Tank Terminals and Refineries Rosemount TankRadar® gauges are used by major oil companies for storage tank gauging within Tank Terminals and Refineries. The system provides complete functions for: -Operational Control  -Legal Custody Transfer  -Inventory Control  -Mass Balance & Loss Estimation  -Leak Detection & Overfill Protection  Rosemount TankRadar® gauges are also used for LNG,  Metallurgic and Wave measurements.  Measures All Important Data  The Tank Gauging System includes level, temperature, pressure, water interface detection, mass and volume calculation for a wide range of products, ranging from propan and butan to asphalt. Data is presented via the TankMasterTM software, which is a powerful tool for advanced tank inventory management.

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